ProClaims EMS Billing specializes exclusively in third party ambulance billing. Ambulance Billing is our only business, and allows us to focus on the requirements of our clients and the needs of their patients. Maximizing patient care and comfort is as important to us as maximizing your revenue. ProClaims will help you save money and increase your billing efficiency. There is no doubt that the manner in which you are represented reflects directly on how you are perceived. ProClaims will work diligently to help maintain the highest levels of customer/patient care to keep you in the best light with your residents and patients.

Some may believe an ambulance transport consists of getting the patient to the hospital. In fact, it goes beyond that and reliable, quality billing efforts are a part of the process. When billing is done poorly it can result in annoying calls to the patient or family members at a time when that family already is experiencing stress. Working with field personnel and supervisors, ProClaims educates EMS workers on the methods of successfully collecting correct patient billing information. This information is converted into a properly formatted claim form and submitted in the most expeditious manner.

The final leg of a trip does not end the need for quality patient care. We are very aware of the relationship between you and your patients/residents. ProClaims will treat them as if they were our own, with the care and respect you would expect from a quality billing service. Care gained over 34 years of ambulance billing experience.

ProClaims EMS Billing takes its mission to heart in our every endeavor. We strive to give the best service possible to our clients, our community, and to ourselves.


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